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We're looking forward to our 2023 season with performances being held at the Golden Grove Arts Centre from Wednesday 18th October to Saturday 21st October, 2023.

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2022 Season

Scouts Shouts 2022 Presents “The Tale of Townton” and “Clearly Signed”.

The King of Townton has fled! The people of the town need a new king. Join the adventurers on a quest to find the mystical sword in the stone, while the people of Townton all vie for the top job. And who’s running the town in the meantime? Come along and find out in “The Tale of Townton”!

Stop. Neon. Sagittarius. Signs are everywhere! Written and directed by the Scouts Shouts Young Directors, explore ordinary every day signs in extraordinary ways in the fun-packed variety show, “Clearly Signed”.


Sorry, the box office has closed for another year!

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